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The Groundhog Hole!

    As a devoted varmint hunter and other games, I would like to share my hunting experiences and pictures, articles written fro The Varmint Hunter Magazine and Small Caliber News, and other reloading information with other folks that are similarly inflicted.

    If you find errors in any of the data, please let me know. I would also love it if you would share your data, experiences, etc., with me. I will be glad to post them here and attribute them to you.

    Please note that the data for loads, etc., were sage in the rifles in which they were fired, on the day the tests were made. Changes in temperature, lot numbers of brass, primers, powder and bullets may well change the characteristics of the loads. You use them at your own risk, and are admonished that you should never start with the maximum loads. Additionally, you should check all loading data against at least one other reputable published source.